Frozen Semen Bank

Objectives: 1. To ensure production and regular supply of quality semen to field AI institutes for taking up Artificial Insemination activity 2. To ensure uninterrupted supply of LN2 to all the AI centres of the State. The Frozen Semen Bank (FSB) is reinforced for production of quality frozen semen straws with NPCBB funding. The Frozen Semen Bank, Cuttack received ISO: 9001-2000 certification during December, 2006. The Frozen Semen Bank, Cuttack was awarded ‘B’ Grade by the Central Monitoring Unit (CMU) of GoI in the year 2007-08.   A Quality Control Laboratory has been set up in a separate building during the year 2006-07. All quality control tests like HOST, Incubation Test, Acrosome Integrity, Bacterial load, Sperm morphology etc. are conducted regularly as per MSP of Govt. of India. One DIC microscope was installed during April, 07 to strengthen Quality Control process. The high quality pure jersey semen having pedigree record above 5000 lits per lactation will be procured from reputed institution within the country. If required, pure jersey semen will be imported from abroad.