Veterinary Officers’ Training Institute

Training is the most important component of Human Resources Development in a technical sector like Animal Resources Development. The veterinary officers working in the sector need to strengthen the pool of their knowledge and skill in order to serve the livestock owners of the state in the best of the manner. For dissemination of required information and delivery of veterinary services in order to enhance the production of meat, milk and egg in the state; there arises a need to keep the veterinarians abreast of the latest knowhow. The knowhow comprises the disciplines of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry Extension. There's no denying the fact that continuous grooming through various training programmes is required for reminding, refreshing and rendering the veterinarians of the state. To cater to the above need, Veterinary Officers' Training Institute (VOTI), Laxmisagar, Bhubaneswar has risen to the zenith on every occasion.

VOTI is the apex training institute for the veterinary officers working under the state Government. The institute imparts training programmes on a variety of subjects starting from animal diseases to soft skills. The bundle of programmes include Office Management, Soft Skill Development, Human Resources Management, Livestock Entrepreneurship Development, Project Planning, Wild life Management, Pet Animal Management, Poultry and Small Animal Production and Induction Training for the newly recruited veterinarians. The programmes are designed basing on the need of the working veterinarians with an aim to serve the livestock farmers of the state. VOTI boasts of possessing learned faculty members to impart training on the wide range of subjects mentioned above, making it a rainbow pool of skilled personnel.

The following training programmes are being conducted at VOTI for the in-service Veterinary Officers of the state.

  1. Refresher Training Programmes for Professional Efficiency
    • Feed, Fodder and Nutrition Management
    • Livestock Breeding
    • Animal Health Care
    • Wild Life Management
    • Control and containment of Emerging diseases
    • Livestock and Environment Interaction
    • Livestock Farm Management
  2. Managerial Training Programmes for Senior Level Officers
    • Project Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Change management
    • Human Relations Skill
    • Sustainable Development: Concept and Issues
    • Rural Development
    • Community Institution Development for Extension
  3.  Social Skill/ Soft Skill Development
    • Training of Trainers
    • Principles of Extension and Communication
    • Extension Management
  4. Induction Training
    • Induction Training Programme for newly recruited Veterinary officers

List of Trainings conducted at VOTI